3001 weeks

Today Katy and I are the same age, for one day. 57 years, 6 months and 5 days. She was 59 days older than me, and she died 59 days ago.

We used to joke that she was a cougar, going after the younger man. I guess as of tomorrow she’ll be jailbait and I’ll be the one in trouble.

Today’s Healing after Loss entry was more shit about god’s plan and all that. Everybody who knows me knows to never bring that shit. “God needed her more than you did.” No he fucking did not.

On the plus side I finally went through the boxes that had been cluttering up the floor of our office since we moved in. She would be happy about that. And I found my passport, which is a story for another time.

She lived for exactly 3001 weeks. She should have had at least 2000 more. We should have had 2000 more.


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  1. Bob Cedrone Avatar
    Bob Cedrone

    Still here. Still reading. Still sad.

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