Dear Katy

Dear Katy,

Hello from the fake world, the one you left and are no longer in. I went for my walk in the fake world this morning and cried over you for some small reason I don’t remember

We’re running low on toothpaste here in the fake world and that’s odd because you always kept track of the toothpaste and it’s odd that you haven’t put it on the list or picked up more at the pharmacy. I know you would have noticed, it’s one of the zillion things you did back in the real world, the world that ended thirty-six days ago when you died

But I found another tube in the box in the bathroom that you had extra stuff in so it’s ok we’re ok on toothpaste for now even though you’re dead and it’s not us running short on toothpaste now, it’s just me

PS I snuck a picture of our hands when you were in the hospital


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  1. Steve, the way you express and describe your grief is profound. As people say about those suffering from chronic conditions, no one gets it until they get it. But your writing opens that world of heartbreak so we can almost feel what you feel. Thank you for being so open.

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